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Brunt Dana
5 min readMar 6, 2021

Reasons that make Asphalt the Optimal Residential Driveway Paving Choice

When we watch a home makeover TV show we often hear they promote “curb appeal,” that’s to say the way your home looks to the point of view of a passerby.

To make your house look as good as possible, the main thing to consider is a sleek and appealing landscape. A neat front yard, without dog and kids mess scattered around or workshop machines you almost never use where they shouldn’t be, and many more details.

But did you think about the impression your driveway gives among all the rest?

Maybe you never gave importance to that pave or stone path that links your house with the extern curb and to the street, but if it looks old and mistreated or made of cheap products, it’s silently depreciating your well invested money and ruining the look of your house. Particularly when you plan to sell your property someday soon, getting an asphalt pave put on your driveway by a professional is a must.

In this article we will present you some products you can use to surface your driveway and parking spot and tell you why asphalt is from every point of view the best option for home use.

Materials to Surface your Driveway Now

I guess you already have a driveway, particularly if you reside in a downtown house in some of these counties: Lancaster, Berks, Chester, Delaware or Montgomery, your driveway most likely need some repairing or asphalting. Asphalt material is much easier to come by than a lot of other products, but you might need to spend time on it, per example by following a scheduled sealcoating routine.

Other coating materials you may have on your driveway are:

Stone or Gravel

Stone driveways or parking areas are frequently built due to their at first inexpensive price. You can go to your local landscaping market or material dealer and ask for a ton of gravel to be delivered on your terrain and you can scatter it with a rake. Gravel will look quite nice for some time, most of all if the place you want to surface is absolutely even. Gravel or stone material drains perfectly as well.

With a stone driveway, nonetheless, you will have problems when the snow falls. Even stone driveway promoters agree that it’s really hard to remove snow from the driveway without removing the gravel. It can also be gone with a severe storm and won’t prevent grass from emerging. That’s to say you will need to add more gravel to the surface, raking stones-and maybe the most undesirable-weeds. Because of all this, gravel can’t be taken as a permanent coating for your driveway.


Searching Google you’ll find lots of posts about concrete and asphalt as home driveway coating rivals. Concrete can be painted when desired and gives an elegant look that a type of customers choose as a superior option.

It’s a shame that this Pennsylvania weather with its freezing winters can often be bitter, concrete won’t take these conditions for too long. Although professional surfacing, the concrete just can’t endure those periods of tenacious cold. It will crack and bend because of the hot to cold transitions and soon become dangerous as it breaks in pieces. On the other hand, asphalt can be sensitive to excessive heat, but we usually don’t experience such a severe heat wave and our asphalt driveways will most likely never suffer the kind of damage concrete is prone to when it freezes.

Brick or paver

Another expensive choice to surface your driveway is concrete paver or bricks. Albeit each of these blocks are tough and usually endure mistreatment separately, troubles appear since they don’t unite as one. For this reason, they will get damaged for temperature changing like concrete and weed always find their way through it.

Albeit your paver patio has always behave well and not come up with unevenness’s and losing a brick here and there, keep in mind that your driveway was made for cars or trucks to go or park on. Your car, your truck, your SUV are extremely heavy and will eventually make the surface to sink and wave, and that will cost you a lot of money.

Grass or Mud

If you reside in the countryside, you can just let your friends and neighbors park wherever they please, and you won’t care about a driveway. This is of course acceptable every now and then, but when workers come in and out from your residence several times a day, using your yard or the terrain as a parking spot will soon become a swamp affecting both the workers and your family (and maybe they are too kind to complain)! Parking on the grass becomes an unpleasant activity over time.

Why Asphalt Surfacing is the Best Choice

As we said, asphalt coating gets a lot more “likes” than all the above mentioned material for your home driveway. Asphalt don’t get removed with a storm like gravel, don’t break in pieces with cold like concrete, and no weed can find its way through it. No wonder that most commercial establishments with a considerable amount of vehicles coming and going choose asphalt as parking areas and driveways-the reason is that asphalt is resistant and endures the mistreatment many other material won’t.

Finally, if you take adequate care of your professional asphalt coating, it will look like just installed for a long time.

Do You Need a Driveway Surfacing? Lyons & Hohl Will Do it For You!

You might consider many professional asphalt installing companies like Lyons & Hohl as nothing more than important industrial and commercial paving enterprises, but we also look forward to helping you make your house look beautiful! For a driveway repair or a parking lot for your family farm, we’re glad to help with a serious and inexpensive paving service.

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