Forget about having sex in an Uber. I’m asking you please.

Brunt Dana
4 min readMar 2, 2021

I earn my living driving an Uber since 5 years or so. Some time ago, I’ve reached 10 thousand passengers. I began with Uber when all the gig furor was just starting with the fundamental need of liquidating all of my last debt more quickly than I could only working in my office.

The following article was written out of my experience, pain and disgust, but in a way that I apply no excuses:

Seriously. Forget about having sex in an Uber. I’m asking you from the bottom of my hearth.

I have no idea how it happened that Uber drivers, or maybe I’m the only one, ended up being witnesses of human intercourse. But if something needs to be modified, as I think, t should be this: Don’t ask for an Uber if you only want to make the driver experience the awkward moment of his life.

At the beginning of my Uber experience, back in 2014, things worked as agreed and you didn’t need to think too much at everything. People hiring a taxi to go here and there, as done during the whole century, turns to be way more quirky nowadays with the whole digital trend. It is all too tangled now. Too mixed up.

And when two people start touching each other in a sexual way in the back seat a few centimeters away from me when I’m taking them home, I think “mixed up” is a horrifying euphemism.

Seriously. Forget about having sex in an Uber. I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart.

I spent my whole life in Atlanta, my childhood, my youth. I have no acquaintance with other drivers from Uber or other driving software. I don’t write or share ghost narratives on Reddit topics as many other Uber drivers do. But when I met passengers who didn’t have the plan of having fun in the back seat of my car, we talk about other Uber drivers they met in Atlanta or in any other city.

They usually depict an image of what I believe and want to make visible: They have their hearth in their job for self-improvement. They’re not wrong — the job of an Uber driver is getting more difficult as time goes by.

Working as many hours a week as I started at 2014, my earning has just fallen down 40% to 50% since December of that year, then I earned an average of $115 on a rush hour or even $200 in a part time shift. Nowadays, I can spend almost 12 hours, including short drives with almost no rest in a rainy day. That tells us that Uber drivers have to strive double as hard as we had to when we began with this business.

One point to think about whenever you plan to suck your boyfriend up or finger your girlfriend in the back seat of an Uber car. If the driver has some self-respect, he or she will stop all of a sudden and have a laugh at you stamping your faces on the back of the front seat.

Forget about having sex in an Uber, God damn it! Really, I’m asking you.

One more thing to think about: What if I’m not the kind of driver, or the kind of guy, who would mind you people having sex in my car? What if I had no problem with what’s going on behind of me? And if I had an improper reaction, to take advantage of the situation?

Over a thousand cases of sexual attacks and rape attempts by Uber drivers have been reported. The main failure of the firm is that they employ any kind of person, whose qualification is poorly or not verified at all. My “test” was to see a video and complete an easy a-b-c-d quiz after that. It doesn’t matter if you have a criminal record, you can still be part of the driving community of Uber.

Many times I tell people that being drunk is NOT a reason to act like a jerk. It’s NOT a reason to give a damn about other people’s security. It’s also NO reason to try to have a sexual intercourse whenever and wherever you are.

Most trips every Friday or Saturday at night take about 10 minutes to reach destiny. Is it too much to ask to stay conscious of things around you, or the way, or the driver, for 10 minutes?

I’m not sure if I’ll be an Uber driver for much longer. I wish I could liquidate my debt in a few months, but that could take another year. I work about 24 hours a week for Uber, besides my regular office job. A job that was supposed to give me a decent lifestyle.

The only thing I have for sure is this: Very little customers give me the respect I deserve just because I’m driving an Uber. That’s not all I am. I have decency and respect for myself. Maybe that should be a requirement to be an Uber driver.

So please … for me and other Uber drivers you ask for a trip. Make it easier for us by trying to be the least we can expect you to be: a decent person. Just until the trip is complete. Once you get off the car, you can do what you want.

Really, screw one another like dogs. But don’t do it in another person’s car when they’re taking you home.

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