How to lose 30 pounds in 30 days

Brunt Dana
4 min readMar 4, 2021

You Can Lose 20 Pounds in 1 Month (With No Workout)

You can be 20 Lbs lighter in 1 month by following any of these plans: workout, nutrition, or a supplement programme.

I have witnessed those three methods performed by pro sportsmen. Through this article, you will learn about my nutrition programme of slow carbohydrates.

For an instance of 45 days, I lose about 15 pounds. I gained also like 10 pounds of muscle mass. That’s to say 25 pounds of fat are gone.

Besides that radical Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, this was the sole programme able to give me toned abs, there where fat refuses to leave — thanks my Norwegian blood.

These are the 4 simple steps to follow this diet:

First Rule: Don’t eat WHITE carbs

Keep away from any white carbohydrate. You can’t eat any of the food listed below, save you’ve just finished a twenty-minute exercise. Just then you have an hour and a half to eat any if the following: cereal, flour, rice, starch, pasta or fries.

Do not eat white food and you’ll be fine.

Second Rule: Don’t get tired of the same simple food.

The very best athletes, whenever they need to obtain muscle or lose weight, they have the same simple lunch over and over again. Cook and experiment building every meal with one of each of these staple foods:


· Egg white and a complete egg for a better taste

· Chicken meat

· Organically fed veal

· Pig neat


· Lentils

· Beans

· Red beans


· Spinach

· Broccoli

· Vetch

· All you like

You don’t need to restrain from eating all you want from the above mentioned foods. But keep in mind: stay simple. Choose 3 or 4 recipes and eat them over and over again. About any fats-food chain offers a salad menu you can choose instead of fries.

Amazingly, looking for slow carbohydrate meals, I stumbled upon Mexican menus with rice and vegetable mix as a very good choice.

Many dieters who keep “low-carb” programmes get tired soon and give up, but not due to the inefficiency of those programmes; it’s just that they don’t eat enough calories. 100 grams of rice are 300 calories, while 100 grams of lettuce gives 15 calories. Geens do not add calories, so it’s important that you also eat legumes.

I’ve heard of people who have 6 to 8 meals a day to prevent caloric assimilation and lose weight. I find that absurdly awkward. I have 4 meals every day:

· 10hs — breakfast

· 13hs — lunch

· 17hs — scanty snack

· 19 to 21hs — workout

· 22hs — dinner

· 00hs — cup of wine and NatGeo before going to sleep

These are some of the foods I eat over and over again:

Tortilla of egg whites and a complete egg, peas, and several boiled vegetables

Organic meat, red beans, mix of grasses, with a lot of guacamole

Organic meat (from my butcher friend), legumes, and salad

Third Rule: Drink Non Caloric Beverages

Drink as much water, natural tea, sugar-free soda, black coffee, and other zero-calorie drinks as you want. Absolutely no milk, fruit juice or sugar drinks.

If you love wine as much as I do, you can have a cup a day late at night, which I really think helps with workout fatigue. Late researches confirm what I say.

Fourth Rule: Take a break once a week

Choose a day as your Off Diet Day. I chose Saturdays to eat and drink what I like, and go crazy on cakes, KitKat, M&Ms, and any other unhealthy caprice that comes to my mind.

That will make you hate all that and you won’t feel like eating garbage for six days. Ironically, binge eating caloric food one day a week boosts fat loss by preventing your metabolism from slowing down for long periods of lack of calories.

Now you know it: eating garbage contributes to your fat loss. Welcome to the best of the worlds.

Do you want to outdo yourself?

If your answer is yes, take my morning schedule that will make you take over your morning — then you will take over your day and your life.

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