How to Unblur Course Hero Documents for Free

Brunt Dana
3 min readMar 5, 2021

How to Unblur Course Hero

Course hero is one of the best places to answer student doubts. There is a lot of courses of colleges from all over the country with the information you are looking for. This resource is great for you when you have difficulties with your homework, since it gives you prepared answers to the most usual college homework.

Is it BAD to use this resource?

Maybe; it all depends on the use you make of it. They say they provide guidance and facilities for students; but, duh, they give you the pre-written answers to your homework questions. Then you must consider that a lot of other students are copy-pasting the same answer in their homework as well. This is ok for arithmetic and geometry and but not when you have to write an essay or you have to do some research. When we talk about writing essays and researching, please avoid copying this kind of content since they might be a plagiarism. You can do that work yourself or find a trustworthy writing service that can help you with that.

A tip or two…

Recently many people search Google for “how to unblur course hero files”, and I have some cracking tips to share, which I think are quite useful. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t work on all files, but trying won’t hurt you. This is how:

  1. Use Chrome browser to browse Course Hero site
  2. View the file you want to unblur
  3. Select the blurred content
  4. Right-click and click on ‘Inspect’
  5. A window will oven with a ‘div’ tag
  6. Right-click on it and select ‘Edit attribute’
  7. Write ‘none’ on the ‘class’ textbox
  8. Reload the page

This should unblur de blured portion of the content. Remember, it won’t work for all files as for many of them the website uses an alternative technique for blurring the material via images. So you can’t select a portion of the text. Because it is merely a bug of lazy coding, and probably they will find it and fix it at any time.

Paying for the subscription will certainly give you full access to all and whole documents. Nonetheless, you can find other services selling course hero files and you must only pay for one file. These services purchase the subscription and resell the documents. You and your friends or other students can gather to buy the subscription as one. Many people paying for one subscription isn’t that painful.

What is Course Hero about?

They say they are a service providing guidance and resources for students. But to be honest, these are only answers to questions other students uploaded and they take the name of ‘editors’. The database is enormous. They even boast about 25 million documents. You can’t view any of them for free until you upload ten original homework assignments. They had earlier a free glance of three documents for brand new accounts, but to avoid scams, they decided to put down this option. Currently you must pay for at least one month or upload your own documents to the website.

Is Course Hero Reliable?

After reading the information I gave you, you understand that the answers given by the website are not original since they were uploaded by some other students who submitted them on their own assignments. They might work for aritmethics and other math problems. But they won’t help you when you have to write an essay or do research. Reposting the essays posted in the platform could cause you trouble; you don’t want to be considered as a copycat. And above all, there is no assignment punctuation so you don’t know how correct the answers are. Then if you are in the need for some serious work-

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